5 Do-It-Yourself Avocado Garnishes

Taylor A Ritz


1. Valentine’s Day Heart Avocado Garnish

With this garnish, you can easily spruce up the appearance of omelet, salad, or toast. An avocado heart is a great option to beautify almost any food.  Though this garnish looks complicated, it’s actually very easy to recreate! 

  • Simply cut a peeled avocado into thin slices, then sprinkle with lime or lemon juice so they keep their bright green color. 
  • Transfer the slices onto the plate and use your hands to shape them into a beautiful heart. 
  • Add your meal into the middle of the heart. 
  • Clean around the heart with a paper towel to perfect your presentation.

2. An Avocado Fan Garnish

This simple garnish is easy and provides a great aesthetic to any dish. 

  • Cut your avocado in half, then remove it from the peel. 
  • Next, make cuts into half of the avocado lengthwise, ensuring that each slice is still attached at the base. 
  • Apply slight pressure to the avocado half with the flat side of the knife to spread your fan. 
  • Gently transfer the fanned avocado to your plate.

3. Crab Avocado Garnish

A super fun avocado garnish, sure to be a hit with children and adults alike, is the crab garnish. 

  • To create this masterpiece, begin by cutting the avocado into halves. 
  • Peel the avocado and sprinkle with lemon or lime juice to retain the color. 
  • Cut one avocado into 8 long slices. 
  • To make claws, take 2 of the slices and gently use a knife to split the slice halfway up lengthwise. 
  • Place the remaining 6 slices on a plate. 
  • Place the second half of the avocado on top of the legs; this will serve as the crab’s body. 
  • Place the 2 claws you made under the front of the crab’s body. 

Bonus: get creative and give your crab a face using other foods from your kitchen. Here we have olives for eyes and chia seeds for hair. We also used a knife to gently carve out a mouth.

4. Alligator Guacamole Boat

What better receptacle exists to hold your delicious guacamole than the avocado peel itself? Better yet, make a fun-shaped avocado peel to present your guacamole to family and friends.

  • Cut your avocado in half using zigzag cuts to form alligator teeth.
  • Empty the avocado from the peel.
  • Follow your favorite recipe for making guacamole.
  • Fill the avocado peels, or “boats” with your guacamole.
  • Use olives to make eyes.
  • Serve with chips.

5. An Avocado Bunny

Use this bunny garnish for Easter or any other time you want to add an adorable display to your food.

  • Cut the bottom ½ inch off the length of an avocado. This creates a flat side to be the bottom of the bunny.
  • Cut a triangle out of the small piece to form the bunny ears.
  • Make a cut ½ inch from one end of the avocado that continues ¾ of the way down the fruit. Be careful not to cut all the way through.
  • Place the ears you made into this cut.
  • Serve immediately.