Watch me grow AvoSeedo Book Set

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Everything Avocados! Fun Facts, Activities, Growing and More…

Take a look inside this awesome avocado book and learn everything, and we really mean everything, there is to know about the coolest fruit around.

We’ve got it all… the different types of avocados, how to germinate and grow them, some awesome recipe ideas, cool activities to do as well as some really awesome facts that will surprise you.!

Set includes: “Watch Me Grow” book, one AvoSeedo & paper flags.
Avocado pit not included
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Avocados are cool in every single way; from growing them, to eating them and using them for lots of other things too!

You’ll be amazed at what this green little taste from heaven can be used for and how much fun it is growing them too.

And they are very, very healthy indeed!

Take a look inside, and get ready for some awesome fun!