What You Should Know About National Avocado Day

Did you know that National Avocado Day is on July 31st? National Avocado Day was created to enjoy the wonderful fruit that is an avocado and all of its benefits that it gives. Why National Avocado Day? National Avocado Day was created to enjoy this delicious berry and its many benefits. According to research, Americans …

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Avocado Hummus: A Southwest Flavor

If you’re looking for a healthy snack or appetizer, avocado hummus is a great options for the summer time months ahead. This combination is made with hummus and freshly ripe avocados. In addition, this recipe has fire roasted corn, beans, tomato, and cilantro. Eat this delicious recipe as a dip, with veggies, or as a …

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Avocado Bagel Breakfast Sandwich: The Taste You Crave!

If you’re looking to start off morning right with something hearty and filling, look no further than this delicious avocado bagel breakfast sandwich. This amazing meal has everything you need to keep you full until lunchtime. This sandwich is also the perfect go-to if you need something quick and easy to whip up on-the-go. Avocado …

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Takeover of the Hass Avocado: Holy Guacamole!

The obsession with avocado toast has driven up avocado prices for millennials. So how did the Hass Avocado dominate homes in California to New Zealand? Truth is, the story of the Hass Avocado began with a tasty mistake. Long before humans hit the scene, avocados were a popular snack. This delicious fruit may have vanished …

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Vegan Avocado Cream: It Will Keep You Coming Back for More!

Watch out, there’s a new condiment in town! And it’s nutritiously delicious! This Vegan Avocado Cream is very versatile and can be used on a wide range of dishes. This cream is bright, rich, and vegan-friendly. What is Vegan Avocado Cream? Avocado cream is a slightly tangy dip with avocados being the star ingredient. It’s …

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Avocados 101: Avocado Health Benefits, Nutrition, & More!

Avocados have many health benefits that can benefit our bodies in many ways. Below, you’ll get to learn more about Avocado health benefits, their nutritional information, and how you can incorporate them into your meals.

What Are Avocados?

This fruit originated in Southern Mexico around 7,000 years ago and were nicknamed avocados due to their green scaly skin and pear shape.  Today, you can find them in over 80 different varieties, with the Hass Avocado being the most popular. According to scientists, this fruit is one of the few without glycemic values index because they contain little carbs.

If you think this is the only benefit, get ready to read below about more Avocado health benefits.

Avocado Health Benefits

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