DAY 27 – 30DaysOfAvoToast: The Sweeter One

Figs, to me, are an overlooked treat! This fruit comes with a mild sweetness, and distinct aroma. It goes particularly well with a mild cheese and the two combined make a more sweet avocado toast. Follow our 30DaysOfAvoToast series here! Send us pictures of your favorite AvoToast or post them on Instagram/Facebook using #30DaysOfAvoToast. The […]


DAY 26 – 30DaysOfAvoToast: Middle Indian

When you think of quintessentials in Indian cuisine you should think of turmeric and sesame seeds. Both ingredients play a large role in typical dishes and so we had to have them play a role in this AvoToast. As for a good ingredient to complement, chorizo was a top choice for its texture and taste […]


DAY 22 – 30DaysOfAvoToast: Taco Tuesday

What is it with all these Instragram/Twitter special day hashtags? Who created them? And is there one for every day? To answer at least the last question: Yes, there is one or more for EVERY day. Here are some examples: Monday: #MondayBlues #ManCrushMonday #MeatLessMonday Tuesday: #TransformationTuesday #TacoTuesday #TuesdayBoozeDay Wednesday: #WomenCrushWednesday #WineWednesday Thursday: #ThrowBackThursday Friday: #FlashbackFriday […]