What NOT To Do When Growing an Avocado In a Pot

Taylor A Ritz Growing an avocado tree in a pot can be a great way to better control conditions for your plant. Letting your avocado tree mature inside can allow you to home-grow avocados in colder climates than the plants could usually survive.  Last week we discussed helpful tips for growing your avocado in a …

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Easy Tips To Grow Your Avocado In a Pot

Taylor A Ritz Do you want to grow your own avocados? If you don’t live in a tropical climate then you might have some trouble, but there’s an easy solution: grow your avocados in a pot!  Can You Grow Your Avocados Outside? You can’t grow an avocado tree just anywhere. Like most plants, avocados have …

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Avocados Beware: Protecting Your Growing Fruit From Anthracnose Disease


Taylor A Ritz Avocado trees can take more than 5 years after you’ve planted a seed to produce their first fruit. So once the time for your tree to start producing delicious avocados comes around, you want to do everything you can to ensure a successful harvest. One of the biggest enemies when it comes …

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