What NOT To Do When Growing an Avocado In a Pot

Taylor A Ritz Growing an avocado tree in a pot can be a great way to better control conditions for your plant. Letting your avocado tree mature inside can allow you to home-grow avocados in colder climates than the plants could usually survive.  Last week we discussed helpful tips for growing your avocado in a …

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Easy Tips To Grow Your Avocado In a Pot

Taylor A Ritz Do you want to grow your own avocados? If you don’t live in a tropical climate then you might have some trouble, but there’s an easy solution: grow your avocados in a pot!  Can You Grow Your Avocados Outside? You can’t grow an avocado tree just anywhere. Like most plants, avocados have …

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How to select the best type of avocado to grow indoors

Grow Avocado Indoor

There are many different types of avocados to grow inside. Dwarf avocado trees, such as Holiday and Wertz, or small trees like Gwen grow small enough to be maintained indoors for years.  In addition to growing organic avocados, you provide a decorative plant for your home that improves air quality. Several practices influence the success …

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