5 Best Fertilizers For Avocado Trees

Taylor A Ritz

Using the right fertilizer is essential if you want to grow an avocado tree successfully. The right fertilizer could be the difference between large, delicious avocados, and small, flavorless avocados. A poorly fertilized avocado tree may not produce any fruit at all.

Fertilizer: How Much Is Too Much?

Avocado trees are hardy in hardiness zones 9b through 11. In terms of fertilizer, they need regular, light applications of nitrogen. Too much nitrogen can burn the shallow roots of the avocado tree. The fertilization needs of the avocado tree change depending on the age of the tree.

What Kind Of Fertilizer Do You Need?

Avocados flourish with fertilizer created and used for citrus trees. Fertilizers are most often made up of N-P-K, meaning they are a blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 2:1:1 is an ideal ratio of these minerals for your avocado tree. 

How Often Should You Fertilize?

You should fertilize your avocado tree 3 times in its first year; you do not need to fertilize in the winter. 

Best Fertilizers For Avocados

Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer Mix

This fertilizer is organic, environmentally friendly, and made of all-natural ingredients; this mix contains no artificial growth stimulants or toxic chemicals. This fertilizer is specifically created to help fruit trees flourish. Gardeners report that their avocado trees grow thicker, stronger limbs, larger root systems, fuller foliage, and larger fruit.

EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food

Earthpods are pre-measured with a balanced ratio of nutrients, minerals, microbes, and natural growth hormones; all things your fruit tree needs to thrive. These pods can be inserted into the soil near your avocado tree. They will break down slowly after watering. The Earthpods are a simple, effective way to ensure your trees are getting the essential nutrients they need.

J R Peters Citrus Food Fertilizer

This fertilizer is a balanced mix of nutrients to provide your avocado tree with everything it needs. The mix is uniquely useful because both the leaves and roots absorb it. This creates stronger root systems and thicker foliage, leading to healthier trees. If you forget about your tree, this fertilizer can help trees that have been damaged by drought or neglect. 

Epsoma Citrus-tone Plant Food

This fertilizer has an organic formula made from natural materials specifically designed to boost the health of fruit trees. This formula contains microbes that enrich the soil; they deliver the nutrients necessary to create strong, effective roots. This fertilizer utilizes slow-release technology to provide nutrients for weeks to months afterward. Avocado trees treated with this fertilizer produce more and better fruit. They’re also stronger and better able to resist diseases.

Jobe’s Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

These fertilizer spikes are another slow-release formula you insert into the soil near the roots for your tree. The spikes contain pre-measured, balanced, nutrients essential for your avocado tree’s healthy growth. As a bonus, they do not give off as much odor as other similar products.

Worth the Wait

Avocado trees take years to transform from a single seed to a fully-mature tree producing fruit. To keep your avocado tree as healthy as possible during all that time, set yourself up for success by using an effective fertilizer.