Avocado Lover Gift Box

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Are you tired of finding your dear ones an unusual yet wonderful present? Make them feel unique with this one-of-a-kind gift set, which includes an avocado seed growing kit, multipurpose avocado tools, and a pair of adorable avocado-themed socks. AvoSeedo offers you the perfect gift choice to surprise your friends & family!


AvoSeedo – Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

AvoSeedo presents you with an ideal tool to grow avocado trees at home. Now you can grow avocados in a fun way indoors. Surprisingly, the difficult germination phase can now be overcome with little effort, providing your budding plants an advantage straight away!

Multi-Functional Avocado Tools

The AvoSeedo Gift Box comes with a 5-in-1 peeler & pit remover set that is all in one for ease. With only one toolset, split the avocado, remove the pit, slice, and smash it for heavenly guacamole ecstasy. To preserve the avocados fresh for later use, store them in the saver box.

The super cute Avocado-designed AvoSeedo seed holder introduces a new activity for children and adults. Remove the pit, peel the seed’s skin, and set it in the seed holder to grow the magic. Depending on the breed and climate, it takes 2-8 weeks for an avocado pit to split open and germinate. Be patient; around 90% of all avocado pits will begin to sprout at some time.

The gift package also includes a pair of lovely Avocado-themed socks. Avocado-patterned socks will keep you toasty; You’ll feel like you’re wearing a pair of Avocados.