Avocado Plant Problems: Troubleshooting and Resolving Common Issues

We use our AvoSeedo to root our very own avocado sapling. Once we transfer that avocado plant into a pot to grow or into our garden, we need to keep it healthy. It can take years for an avocado tree to produce fruit, so keeping it in optimum health is necessary to see the fruits of your labor. This article will discuss common avocado plant health problems that crop up with our avocado trees and how to fix them.

Common Problems With Avocado Plants and How to Fix Them

My avocado has fading or wilting foliage

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If the leaves on your avocado tree are faded in color or wilting, your tree likely needs more water. Avocado plants prefer moist soil. The best practice is to keep your avocado plant’s soil surface from drying out. 

My avocado plant is dropping leaves

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If your avocado plant is dropping its leaves, there are a few possible problems. The likely cause of your avocado plant losing leaves is overwatering. Avocado plants do not like “wet feet,” meaning that though they prefer wet soil, the roots should not sit in standing water. Ensure your avocado plant has plenty of drainage, and do not let your plant sit in water. Other indications that you are overwatering your avocado tree are a mushy plant stem, and an overall weak and scraggly tree.

My avocado leaves are turning yellow.

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If your avocado tree’s leaves are changing color, you probably have a problem with fertilizer. Avocado plants need nutrition added to the soil regularly, usually around once per month. Plants that are deficient in magnesium or iron can have a problem with yellowing in between the veins of the leaves. Other plants with leaves turning a bronze color lack proper levels of potassium or phosphorus. Too much fertilizer, however, can also damage your plant. Signs of over-fertilizing include slow plant growth, leaf drop, or yellowing leaves. Too much fertilizer can even kill your avocado tree.

My avocado leaves are browning.

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If the edges of your avocado leaves are turning brown, don’t start writing its eulogy quite yet: this is often a sign that your tree is too hot. Leaves turning brown often occurs when the plant receives too much direct sunlight or is getting too hot. If you grow your plant indoors, try moving it to a less sunny or cooler spot. Your avocado plant prefers temperatures between 65 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If your plant appears to be collapsing or wilting, chances are your tree is too cold.

What avocado plant problem do you face with your avocado tree? Let us know in the comments below!