5 Common Avocado Tree Diseases and How To Prevent Them

Growing your own avocado tree is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen stocked with these delicious fruits. Avocado trees, however, are desirable on their own as well. Avocado trees grow dense foliage, provide shade for your yard, and are also a beautiful addition to any yard or garden. To keep our avocado trees happy and healthy, we must recognize the sign of common avocado tree diseases and learn how to prevent them.

Common Avocado Tree Diseases

Here are a few common avocado tree diseases and how to prevent them.

Phytophthora Canker

Phytophthora cankers are an infectious disease that manifests as a series of lesions on the lower trunk of the avocado tree. The cankers are dark in color and sometimes leak a red fluid that resembles sap. Some describe this sappy fluid as fruity smelling. Unfortunately, phytophthora cankers often attack trees that are also experiencing issues with root rot, which makes treatment more complex. To avoid this kind of canker infection, avoid harming the roots, as root rot increases the chances of phytophthora cankers forming. Learn how to treat Phytophthora cankers here.

Dothiorella Canker

Dothiorella cankers are another fungal disease that occasionally affects avocado trees. These cankers are a relatively minor problem that begins on the trunk and primary branches. As the cankers progress, they will form a white powder and cause the bark on the trunks to peel and split away from the tree. Dothiorella cankers can progress far enough to make the avocado tree look dead, but it can still recover with proper treatment. Learn about how to treat Dothiorella cankers here.

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Armillaria Root Rot

Armillaria root rot is one of the avocado tree diseases that affect many other tree species. If you notice your avocado tree showing a general decline in health, you may have a problem with root rot. Leaves of avocado trees affected by armillaria root rot will often look yellow and may also fall off the tree.

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Verticillium Wilt

One of the easiest avocado tree diseases to identify, verticillium wilt, is characterized by the sudden wilting of all the foliage on one side of the plant. These wilted leaves will turn brown but won’t fall off immediately. Another common symptom of verticillium wilt is gray-colored streaks on the branches. You cannot treat this avocado tree disease, but you can remove the affected branches. For more information on treating verticillium wilt, read this.

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Deadly Avocado Tree Disease: Avocado Black Streak

Avocado black streak is a serious and deadly tree disease. In the early stages, avocado black streak causes poor fruit production and blotchy, yellow leaves. In later stages, the disease causes cankers on the trunk and branches, and new growth dies quickly after appearing. Read on to learn how to prevent avocado black streak here.

Avocado Tree Diseases: Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Overall, avocado trees are healthy, hardy trees. They can survive many ailments as long as they receive proper treatment in a timely manner. If you suspect your tree may be suffering, identify the disease and begin treatment as soon as possible. For a stronger tree, keep your tree as healthy as possible. Resolve common issues early, fertilize regularly, and give your avocado tree the best chance at survival.