Can You Make An Avocado Bonsai Tree?

We know that avocado trees are great for growing our own avocados right at home. We can root our own avocados from a pit, grow avocado trees in a pot, or plant them outside. In reality, these fruit trees can grow 15 to 30 feet tall, depending on what kind of avocado you have. In order to keep a tree small enough to grow inside, many gardeners learn the art of creating a bonsai tree. Can you make an avocado bonsai tree though?

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What Is a Bonsai Tree?

Bonsai translates to “planted in a container,” so a bonsai is a tree planted in a container. These tiny trees are not a particular kind or species; historically, these trees or shrubs have been miniaturized with careful pruning and training the branches. The idea is for the miniature tree to resemble the full-sized trees of that species as closely as possible. 

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Meaning of Tree Shapes

The shapes of bonsai trees are quite meaningful. Some of the most popular forms and their meanings are as follows:

  • Formal Upright: tranquility, strength
  • Informal Upright: steadiness through change, perseverance. Different from formal upright because it incorporates a curved trunk.
  • Slanting: incorporates an angled trunk. Represents stability under stress.
  • Semi-Cascade: a trunk that bends horizontally depicts staying strong during times of hardship.
  • Full Cascade: a trunk curving down, with branches hanging below the container represents change through challenges. 
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Can You Make An Avocado Bonsai Tree?

The best bonsai trees are flexible, so you can form them, have attractive bark, and small leaves. Unfortunately, avocado leaves are rather large, which means it isn’t the best option for making a miniature. However, while the plant is young, you can make it into an avocado bonsai tree by pruning the branches and leaves. Eventually, though, your avo tree will outgrow a container.

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The Best Miniature Trees

An avocado bonsai tree may not be in your future, but if you have your heart set on growing a miniature here are the best options.

  • Ficus: fast-growing, strong, do not require a lot of light, one of the easiest to care for.
  • Chinese elm: one of the most common trees. Easy to maintain and grow quickly.
  • Juniper: one of the traditional trees, ideal for a beginner since it is easy to maintain.

No Avocado Bonsai Trees

While you may not attain your dream of a miniature avocado bonsai tree in your home, you can grow avocado trees indoors. Avocados are best left to grow nice and big, and one day they will give you your very own home-grown avocados.