How to Grow Your Avocado Tree From the Pit

Over the years, avocados have become a popular fruit. With popularity growing, many people have been wondering how to grow an avocado tree from the pit. With using the pit from your next avocado, you can grow a tree.

How to Grow Your Avocado Tree

There a couple of ways you can grow an avocado tree. The first way is to put your pit into a glass of water. The other way is the standard practice of putting your pit into dirt. Both of these methods will give you a tree over time.

Plant Your Pit into the Dirt

First you’ll want to remove your pit from the avocado, wash it, soak in water for a few hours, and then dry it off with a paper towel. Next, you’ll want to choose a pot that is large enough to accommodate the pit and leaves room for growth. You’ll want to use good potting mixture to make sure it’s completely covered. 

Make sure the pit watered regularly, but not over-watered. You’ll want to place your pot in bright, indirect sunlight and wait until the top splits open to sprout. Over the next two to eight weeks, you should begin to see some progress.

Wrapping it Up

While you may not be able to grow a huge tree to get enough avocados to last you all year, an indoor avocado tree is an easy indoor plant to care for. By saving all of your avocado pits, you can create a garden with a few pots and jars. If you want to do it the more traditional way, just pop the outside during the warmer months and watch them grow.