Best Avocado Recipes For Large Gatherings: Avocado Salsa (Part 2)

Black Beans and Avocado Salsa

Taylor A RitzAvocados are seemingly worth their weight in gold. Using avocados in a recipe intended for a large group can be tricky, as well as expensive. We want you to be prepared for those summer parties, so we brought together the best avocado recipes to use for large gatherings. Read on for recipes for …

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Avocado and Black Bean Salad

This salad is not only low in calories, but also very delicious. Ingredients like cilantro, pineapple, lime juice and black beans lend this salad fresh and exciting flavors that will take you to a whole new level. STEP 1 Follow package instructions to cook corn. Rinse the cooked corn with water and drain. STEP 2 …

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