Dairy-Free, Egg-Free Avocado Brownies

When using Avocados, many people don’t realize that you can use them for more than breakfast and dinner. You are also able to use them for desserts! Today we’ll go over how to make baked, egg-free, dairy-free, avocado brownies. Using Avocados will add needed nutritional value to your dessert and won’t make you feel guilty …

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Avocado Truffles and 5 Other Desserts You Absolutely Must Try

Avocado Desserts

Taylor A Ritz We all love avocados, but only true fans find ways to incorporate avocados into every meal! Have you ever tried avocado as a dessert food? If not, have no fear, here are several recipes for incorporating everyone’s favorite food into everyone’s favorite meal: dessert! Avocado Chocolate Truffles Only 94 calories per truffle. …

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