Varieties of Type A Avocado: What You Need To Know

Avocado Varieties

While you may have heard of a Hass avocado or a Californian avocado, did you know there are actually dozens of avocado varieties out there? If you’re interested in learning to grow avocados, either from pits or from plants, it’s important to know what your options are. In this article, we’ll discuss the type A …

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The Origin of the Hass Avocado

avocado blossom

Did you know that all Hass avocados descend from a single tree? The Hass avocado is a dark green fruit with bumpy skin. These are the avocados you are most likely to see in your local grocery store; Hass avocados account for 95% of the USA’s avocados. Most other avocados you see are Florida avocados. …

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Hass and Florida Avocado: The Real Difference

You’ve probably seen those large, green avocados at the grocery store — Florida avocados, also known as Dominican avocados — and wondered what the difference is. Are you missing out? The Florida avocado has some great uses, but the Hass avocado makes more sense for most culinary purposes. The big difference: these avocados have significantly …

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