Why Does My Avocado Tree Drop Unripe Fruit?

If you avocado tree is losing fruit, this might be standard, or you may have a problem on your hands. When an avocado tree drops unripe fruit, this is standard to prevent too much fruit from growing on the tree, but pests can also be the reason for dropping unripe fruit.

When Fruit Dropping is Normal

During the summer, an avocado tree will drop some of its unripe fruit because it has reached its limit of growing fruit. Dropping fruit in this case is nomral and allow the tree to focus on the fruit that is still on the tree. The thinning of fruit can help alleviate this process.

Fruits that drop from the avocado tree might be very small or a larger size. You also might see a thin line on its stem where the fruit has fallen off. If you see this, this is completely normal and not caused by pests.

When Fruit Dropping is Not Normal

Even though some avocado dropping is normal, there might be cases where the dropping of fruit is not normal and causes more avocados to drop than needed. One of the causes of fruit dropping is from stress. Too much water can cause a tree to drop its fruit too early.

Both overwatering and underwatering can cause your fruit to drop too early. An avocado tree must have soil that is able to drain well to balance the watering, especially during hotter days. The roots of an avocado are by the soil, so any dress can cause an avocado to fall from its tree.

To avoid fruit from dropping from stress, you should let the leaves of your tree remain on the ground and add a protective barrier. If you have an avocado tree, you should add mulch to your tree. Another reason avocados might drop early is from pests and mites.