Scrap Gardening: Turning Food Scraps Into New Plants

Turning Food Scraps Into New Plants

Taylor A Ritz Many gardeners have windowsills full of experiments. You might have a cutting to propagate a favorite plant or a piece of fruit or vegetable you hope will take root. In this article, we will discuss the various food scraps you can use to grow new plants.  Avocado We’ve spoken in other articles …

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How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Eat

How to choose the right avocado

Taylor A Ritz The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world. Many countries effectively ground to a stop as residents were instructed to shelter in their homes. The pandemic has changed the world in ways we never imagined. One of those visible changes has been the way we eat.  Food Trends During Coronavirus If we were …

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Best Avocado Recipes For Large Gatherings: Guacamole (Part 3)

Taylor A Ritz While we may not be able to gather right now, summer is quickly coming upon us and with it, the possibility that we might be able to come together once again. Avocados are seemingly worth their weight in gold. Using avocados in a recipe intended for a large group can be tricky, …

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Stuffed Avocados: Dessert Edition

Taylor A Ritz Whether you’re voluntarily quarantined or surviving a shelter in place order, these are trying times. One way to pass all this newfound free time at home is eating. If you’re going to spend a lot of time eating, you might as well try something new. While stuffed avocados are a common treat, …

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Which avocado seed should you use to grow your own tree?

avocado blossom

Taylor Ritz Avocados are semi-tropical fruits, and as a result, the trees have distinctly different blossoms than other kinds of fruit trees. Avocado flower buds have two types, and the blossoms open and close for pollination in a unique way. What Makes Blossoms on Avocado Trees Unusual? Avocado trees are capable of producing millions of …

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