Takeover of the Hass Avocado: Holy Guacamole!

The obsession with avocado toast has driven up avocado prices for millennials. So how did the Hass Avocado dominate homes in California to New Zealand? Truth is, the story of the Hass Avocado began with a tasty mistake. Long before humans hit the scene, avocados were a popular snack. This delicious fruit may have vanished …

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How Avocado Oil Can Help Your Skin

Avocado Oil

Taylor A Ritz While many of us are familiar with using avocados to enhance the flavor of a salad or to take a healthy meal to the next level, avocado oil has many health benefits as well. From healing chapped skin or soothing an itch, avocado oil can do it all. Let’s discuss how avocado …

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Why You Should Always Wash Your Avocados

Wash your Avocados

Taylor A Ritz When we get home from the supermarket and put our groceries away, the last thing we often think about is washing our produce. With all the germs around though, it’s a habit we should all get into. Why You Should Wash Your Avocados It may seem counterintuitive to wash fruit with inedible …

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