Takeover of the Hass Avocado: Holy Guacamole!

The obsession with avocado toast has driven up avocado prices for millennials. So how did the Hass Avocado dominate homes in California to New Zealand? Truth is, the story of the Hass Avocado began with a tasty mistake. Long before humans hit the scene, avocados were a popular snack. This delicious fruit may have vanished …

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How Avocados Almost Went Extinct

avocado blossom

In a previous article, we discussed the history of the avocado. Now, we’re going to look back even further, to a time when avocados almost went extinct. With their current popularity, it can seem almost impossible to consider a world without avocados. How could such a thing happen? Avocados: An Evolution Avocados join bay leaves …

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Los Angeles Obsessed With New Avocado Beer

Avocado Beer

Taylor A Ritz It’s no secret that the people of Los Angeles love avocados. Not only is the state of California the top producer of avocados in the United States, but it’s also one of the biggest consumers of the delightful fruit as well. Los Angelians love avocados so much, they have an annual Avocado …

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The Aztecs: A History Ripe with Avocados


Though we can all think of a few delicious reasons for keeping avocados around, it turns out that avocados were historically used for much more than guacamole. The Origin of Avocados Avocados are most likely native to south-central Mexico. This makes sense, as avocado trees only grow in sub-tropical to tropical climates. The oldest traces …

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A Brief History of the Avocado

The History of Avocado - Grow your own Avocado Tree!

The word “avocado” is believed to be derived from the Nahuatl word ahuacatl, which means “testicle” and obviously describes the shape of the fruit. It also likely refers to the fact that the  believed the avocado to be an aphrodisiac. Discovered By the Mesoamericans Avocados have long been a part of the Mexican diet. Archaeologists …

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