Worldwide wonder fruit, the Avocado

Is there reason to get excited about a little green fruit called an avocado? The answer is YES! Avocados should adopt the phrase, “Anything you can do, I can do better.” Growing naturally around the world, this fruit has good reasons to boast.

Used in the kitchen With its creamy texture and healthy fats, an avocado can be used in place of butter. When it comes to potassium, the banana has found its rival. An avocado contains a double portion of potassium, 975 milligrams. WOW! And these are just a few cooking facts.

Do you love foods that are both edible and able to moisten your dry skin and damaged hair? Any avocado will help control dry, frizzy hair and turn your cracked skin into a smooth surface with dazzling beauty. Vinegar also works to protect your hair and is edible, but vinegar just doesn’t quite leave an exquisite flavor in your mouth.

Is your yard experiencing run-off after every storm? Is your soil falling apart and turning your yard into mud? An all-natural solution is to plant avocado trees in your yard. The avocado tree’s roots are known to provide protection to your soil by providing a “net” to keep the soil from shifting.

So, with an avocado in your midst, you are able to cook healthier, revive your damaged skin, and successfully keep your yard healthy and beautiful. These are just a few of the services an avocado has been known to provide. People the world over have grown to love this little green fruit, and for good reasons! Should you decide you are in need of its services, always remember an avocado should be growing nearby.