Tips in Finding the Perfect Avocado

How to choose the right avocado

Avocados these days are a major favorite by many people. It is either you will have an avocado toast for breakfast or be planning to serve guacamole for a night party, avocado is a must have. Good thing, the latest episode of the popular Mad Genius Tips that can be viewed on Facebook Live talks …

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Laurel Wilt Disease Can Be Detected by Dogs in Avocado Trees

If there are 229 trials and only 12 provided negative results, this implies that the trials were close to accurate. The result happened when dogs were able to detect laurel wilt affected wood of avocado trees. Surprisingly, a dog in high-performance level despite the high humidity and heat caused by harsh weather conditions has this …

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Man in Chile Got his New Phone with 58 Kilos of Avocados

Just this week in Chile, a man bought a mobile device through a traditional way of buying. He bought the phone from Chile’s biggest department store by paying it with 58 kilos of avocados. The country is currently facing avocado shortage as it is domestically widely consumed. Over the past few weeks, the street market …

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Avocado Toast Chocolate Bar Made a Debut in Los Angeles

One chocolate brand has launched a combination of avocado and chocolate called avocado toast chocolate bar that made everyone went crazy about it. Last week, according to its website, Compartes, a Los Angeles based shop with chocolates as their main ingredient released the avocado chocolate bar. It is made from creamy white chocolate blended with …

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Avocado Cafe & Juice Bar Announces No Green Shortage

Customers and travelers always find time to visit the Bracken Village’s well-known restaurant called Avocado Cafe & Juice Bar. This is an effort to trek San Antonio’s northern part because everyone would like to indulge in an avocado-based dish. This can range from avocado milkshake, avocado eggs Benedict and the famous toasted avo-chicken and cheese sandwich …

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Latest Trend: Avocado Is Used In Engagement Proposal

Avocado Proposal

Millennials simply love not just the taste of avocado but also the other things about it. Currently, it is the latest thing when it comes to proposing. The Boomers and Gen Xers talked about avocados a lot. They went crazy about avocado toast, went shopping to be stored in their fridge for future uses. To …

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