Tips in Finding the Perfect Avocado

Avocados these days are a major favorite by many people. It is either you will have an avocado toast for breakfast or be planning to serve guacamole for a night party, avocado is a must have. Good thing, the latest episode of the popular Mad Genius Tips that can be viewed on Facebook Live talks about mostly about this great fruit. They gave tips on how we can find the perfect one, pit removal and easy ways to cut it.

To begin with, you must know what you need to look for in an avocado once you step into the store. Four Hass avocados were displayed by Chapple. Each offers different ripening process stages. One the fruit comes off the tree, it is still green and firm. You can wait about three days and it will be ready to eat. As suggested by Kelsey Youngman, the manager of Food & Wine, the ripening process can be faster if the avocado will be placed next to onions or ripe bananas.

Breaking is the second stage. This just means that the avocado is close to ripening process. The color of the skin will be darker yet also super shiny. A perfectly ripe one is slightly dull and brown all throughout. It is barely soft once you squeeze it.

Chapple has a word of warning to never be an avocado bruiser. This only means that when you see one at the store, you should handle it with care especially if you do not intend to buy it. Bruising it with too much squeezing can leave a pile of damage. It can be unfair to other consumers who will end up buying bruised avocados.

The last stage is known as overripe avocado. Chapple emphasizes to never be afraid of having one at home. If you have one of these, you will already see skin indentations and grey spots. Although these types no longer look appealing, they are still edible just ensure to consume it quickly and right away as soon as you notice.

The stem end is also something that you should check if you want to pick the perfect avocado. The stem should slightly be able to wiggle when it is almost ready for consumption. The stem will pop right out once it hits the right time for ripeness.

An added tip shared by Chapple is the demonstration of an easy trick to cut the avocado. This will not give you an avocado hand. You simply need to place the fruit on a flat surface similar to a cutting board. Using one hand, hold it steady. Put the blade on the side of avocado and spin the fruit. This way, you can horizontally cut it all the way around. After such, you need to rotate the avocado on the other side that will also cut it horizontally. As a result, you are able to cut it in four sections while the pit will pop out perfectly as well.