The Aztecs: A History Ripe with Avocados


Though we can all think of a few delicious reasons for keeping avocados around, it turns out that avocados were historically used for much more than guacamole. The Origin of Avocados Avocados are most likely native to south-central Mexico. This makes sense, as avocado trees only grow in sub-tropical to tropical climates. The oldest traces …

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How to Ripen an Avocado Quickly

AvoSeedo Avocado Superfood

We’ve all been there: you’re craving scrumptious avocado toast or planning to make delectable guacamole to go with your Taco Tuesday, but when you pick up your avocados you realize they are hard as a rock. What can you do to quickly ripen an avocado? “Quickly” is a relative term. Most avocados can take up …

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3 Amazing Recipes For Do-It-Yourself Avocado Salad Dressing


Avocados are a superfood, rich in vitamins and healthy fats. Adding avocado to your diet is a great way to not only add essential nutrients but great taste and texture to your dishes as well. When people imagine utilizing avocados in their diet, most people think of guacamole. While guacamole is delicious, there are plenty …

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