The Ultimate Summer Dinner: Creamy Avocado Zucchini Noodle Recipe


Taylor A Ritz Nothing says summer like charred corn, cilantro, and spicy shrimp. If you’re trying to eat healthier this summer, consider a recipe that includes all of the above, plus some super-healthy noodles made out of vegetables. Ingredients:1 tbsp + 1 tsp olive oil Kernels from 1 medium ear of corn ¼ tsp paprika …

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3 Amazing Recipes For Do-It-Yourself Avocado Salad Dressing


Avocados are a superfood, rich in vitamins and healthy fats. Adding avocado to your diet is a great way to not only add essential nutrients but great taste and texture to your dishes as well. When people imagine utilizing avocados in their diet, most people think of guacamole. While guacamole is delicious, there are plenty …

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DAY 22 – 30DaysOfAvoToast: Taco Tuesday

What is it with all these Instragram/Twitter special day hashtags? Who created them? And is there one for every day? To answer at least the last question: Yes, there is one or more for EVERY day. Here are some examples: Monday: #MondayBlues #ManCrushMonday #MeatLessMonday Tuesday: #TransformationTuesday #TacoTuesday #TuesdayBoozeDay Wednesday: #WomenCrushWednesday #WineWednesday Thursday: #ThrowBackThursday Friday: #FlashbackFriday …

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DAY 9 – 30DaysOfAvoToast: The Indonesian BBQ

This idea came to me after our last trip to Asia. Daniel and I spent a week on the Gili Islands (a perfect destination if enjoy snorkeling, yoga and sun) and watched as locals were grilling corn on the cob at every corner. They seasoned it with only a little herby oil for an amazing …

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