Are Avocados a Fruit or Vegetable?

One of the most popular questions when discussing avocados, “Is an avocado a fruit or a vegetable?” Believe it or not, if you’d ask a person this question, they would probably think it’s a vegetable. The answer is, avocados are a fruit.

Avocodos are considered a fruit because of the large berry that has a single seed surrounded by layers. Although, avocados are not sweet like like berries, and some other fruits are often incorrectly classified as vegetables.

Due to the fact that avocados are always lumped in with vegetables, it’s common for this mistake to occur. If you have the privilege of growing an avocado tree near your home, you may be more invested as to why they are a fruit.

Why? Are Avocados a Fruit or a Vegetable?

Most people think avocados can be a vegetable because they can often be paired with saltier foods, whereas fruits can be paired with more sweeter categories of food. Also, many people like to season their avocados with salt and pepper, which is normally not common with fruits.

Why Is an Avocado a Fruit?

There are two types of fruits that contain pulp: berries and drupes. An avocado is classified as a berry since it has one large seed and fleshy pulp on the outside. The seed of an avocado is called the pit, and the outside is called the pericarp.

The main reason why am avocado is classified as berries is because berries have mesocarp and endocarp layers, which is the same as an avocado.

Avocados a Fruit or a Vegetable? Final Thoughts

Although many people assume that they can be a vegetable, it is a fruit. The large seed (the pit) and fleshy outer layer classify this delicious food within the berry family.

The next time you’re out at a family event or gathering, and on the topic of food, do us a favor and ask someone, “are avocados a fruit or vegetable?” I think some of you will be surprised at the answer you get.