Links we love – Halloween Special

It is Halloween again! We put together our favorite links if you need some last minute inspiration on what to do with your avocados on this spooky day. 1) This spooky deviled eggs or do you prefer this one? ( & 2) Amazing fall cupcakes ( 3) Or this brownie pumpkin cupcakes with avocado …

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The kickstarter campaign ended successfully!

We did it! Yesterday the kickstarter campaign ended with an amazing $68,367 as result. This is more then 10 times the money we hoped for 🙂 Thanks to all the supporters and people who help us achieving this. We will now start the production process and will keep you informed about every step of the way. …

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We achieved the 60k goal!

We did it again! The 60,000 goal is done 🙂 For the next one I was planning to give some stickers but this was not in your interest as the vote showed. So the 70k goal will be a new surprise color.

New stretch goal!

We created a new stretch goal, now if we reach $60,000 you will get a new transparent material that looks like Plexiglas. So you can have a much better view on to your avocado pit.

We reached the second stretch goal!

As the last time, we will put the next color up to vote for all backers. This time we added the kickstarter green to the vote. The link to the voting page will soon be send to all backers. Thanks again for making this happen so fast 🙂