10 reasons why you should not buy pre-cut avocado halves

You have probably seen the pic posted by Christine Kizik of pre-cut avocados sold by Sobeys. The post was followed by a viral internet outrage.

We put together some reasons why you should not buy them:

  1. You don’t need the wasteful packaging! Avocados already come in a perfect packaging – their skin
  2. They are super expensive – 3.99 CAD (~ 3.00 USD!!!)
  3. Peeling and seeding a fresh avocado is super easy. I actually have the feeling that it is much more complicated to open this cardboard and plastic packaging
  4. You may miss the best part: the pit
  5. You also miss the chance to grow your own little avocado tree
  6. The most healthy part of the avocado is right under its skin. I am not sure if it is there
  7. They may be treated with some sort of citric acid or chemical
  8. If you make guac, the pit prevents it from getting brown
  9. They use a lot of space in your refrigerator
  10. It is just not right – What’s next? Pre-peeled bananas?

What are your thoughts on the pre-cut avocados?