Foods you can regrow with AvoSeedo

We know you love to grow your own little avocado trees, but did you know that you can grow even more with your AvoSeedo?
It is easy, fun and you don’t even have to by the seeds. Just put the part of the vegetable you usually throw away into the AvoSeedo and watch them grow, AGAIN!
Yes, a lot of the veggies bought in stores can be regrown into new plants – and yes, you will be able to eat them 🙂

Why is AvoSeedo better than the traditional “toothpick-method”? For once, the toothpicks can actually damage the seed which can result in a moldy or non-sprouting seed. Furthermore, with AvoSeedo there is no need to supervise the water-level on a daily basis which makes this experience a walk in the park.

Stop the food waste and regrow your veggies now!

So how exactly does it work?


Open an avocado and remove the pit. Peel off the skin from the avocado pit and put it with the flat side down (there is a small spot) into the AvoSeedo. Now, put the AvoSeedo into the pot, fill it with water and place it somewhere where it gets a lot of sun. After 3-4 weeks your pit will crack open and a root will start to come out. Another 1-2 weeks later a little tree will start growing. Once the plant is 7 to 8 inches tall and has started to grow some leafs, you should transfer the tree into the plant pot filled with soil.

Scallions / Leeks

Regrowing scallions is the easiest thing ever: Save about 1” of your scallion bottoms. Put them into the AvoSeedo and place the AvoSeedo into the pot filled with water. Place the pot in a window so that it gets some sun. Change the water every other day. After 5 days your scallions will look like new 😉

The same process works for leek.

Bok Choy / Celery / Romaine Lettuce

Cut off the base of a bok choy, celery or romaine lettuce plant and place it into the AvoSeedo. Place the AvoSeedo into the pot filled with water. Replace the water every few days. In about one week, you should see regrowth around the center of the base. As soon as you see it growing, transfer it into a plant pot with soil or if you have one, into your garden. Everything except the newly grown part should be covered by the soil. You will have a fully grown plant in about 5 months, however you can start eating the newly grown parts right away.


You can also regrow herbs like basil and cilantro. Just place the stems into a bowl of water using your AvoSeedo to hold them. When the roots are long enough, you can transfer them into the soil filled plant pot and place it at a sunny place.

Carrot Greens

Yes, you can eat carrot greens. They taste great in salads and in green smoothies – (taste is sometimes a little bitter). The best part however is, you don’t have to buy them. Just cut of the top two inches of a fresh carrot crown (not baby carrots) that have some green on the top. Place the tops into the AvoSeedo with the cut side down and place the AvoSeedo into the water filled pot. Place the pot near a window so that they will get enough light. After 1-2 weeks the carrot tops will sprout again.


Get lemongrass which is not too old and not too try. Cut the tops off and place it into the little AvoSeedo holders. Put the AvoSeedo into the water filled pot. Change the water every other day. Roots will develop within 2-3 weeks. When there is solid root growth, plant the stalks in a sunny location. Remember that lemongrass needs to stay warm all year round. If you do not live in a warm area make sure to bring them inside during the winter.


Find a ripe and healthy pineapple. Look for a smaller one that fits into the AvoSeedo. Twist off the crown of the top of the pineapple. Make sure the base, the area where the leaves join together, stays intact as new roots will sprout from there. Strip off some of the smaller leaves to expose the stem and cut away the remaining fruit. Let it dry for a week.

Put the pineapple crown into the AvoSeedo and the AvoSeedo into the water filled pot. The stem should be submerged. Place the pot at a sunny place and wait for the white roots to come out. This can take 1-3 weeks. Change the water regularly.

Once the roots are a few inches long you can transfer the pineapple crown into the soil filled pot. Place the pot in a sunny, warm and humid environment where the night temperatures won’t drop below 65ºF (18ºC). You will be able to see the new flower and enjoy your new fruit within a few years.

(Sweet) Potatoes

Get a healthy looking sweet potato. It is better to use an organic one as a lot of sweet potatoes are treated with anti-sprouting chemicals. Put the whole sweet potato into the AvoSeedo and the AvoSeedo into the water filled pot. About half of the sweet potato should be submerged. Place the pot close to a window for enough light and enjoy watching the sprouting process. Change the water regularly.

As soon as the sprouts (the little leafs which come out at the top) are four to five inches long, pull them of and place them into a second AvoSeedo (placed into a water filled pot). The sweet potato will continue to produce sprouts. The sprouts in the second AvoSeedo will produce roots. When the sprout is well rooted, go ahead and plant it into a ten inches high heap of soil. Wait until the soil is warm before planting. In most areas this means you have to wait for the summer months. Make sure to water the plants well.