Avocado Tree: How To Successfully Grow Your Own In A Pot

Avocado in flower pot - Grow your own Avocado Tree!

Congratulations! With the help of our AvoSeedo, you have chosen an avocado seed and germinated an avocado pit, and a little tree (15  to 30 centimeters in height) has grown before your very eyes. This new growth means it’s time to start developing your tree in proper soil. The avocado tree is a tropical plant. …

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Top tips on selecting and storing avocados

How to choose the right avocado

Unless you buy pre-packaged “ripe and ready-to-eat” avocados, the chances are you may have to choose between a heap of loose avocados, either from your tree or from a supermarket shelf. Some might be green, some ripe, some overripe and some bruised by vigorous handling. Selecting Avocados A ripe avocado that is ready to eat …

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Why avocados deserve to be called a superfood

AvoSeedo Avocado Superfood

It’s deliciously creamy, yet incredibly healthy. Believe it. More and more studies are confirming the fact that avocados contain a myriad of nutrients that are extremely good for you. Nutritional Information In A Nutshell Avocados offer broad based nutritional support. One cup (250 ml) cubed avocado provides more than 20% of the daily recommended dietary …

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Hass and Florida Avocado: The Real Difference

You’ve probably seen those large, green avocados at the grocery store — Florida avocados, also known as Dominican avocados — and wondered what the difference is. Are you missing out? The Florida avocado has some great uses, but the Hass avocado makes more sense for most culinary purposes. The big difference: these avocados have significantly …

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Beauty Uses for Avocados

Everyone loves avocados for their taste but did you know they are good for your body, too? Because they contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, avocados can be used in your daily beauty routine as well. Avocado Make-Up Remover The oil in avocados can be used as a makeup remover. Run a cotton swab over a …

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