Health Benefits of Avocado Oil

For most people out there, it is not a secret anymore that the goodness of avocado is unbeatable. If you happen to include one avocado to your diet once a week, you will witness several health benefits. Now it doesn’t only stop there. Even avocado oil, which is freshly extracted out of its flesh have multiple medical and nutritional benefits too. Let us read about them in greater detail to understand how they can benefit us.

It is known to be a rich source of mono saturated oleic acid

A lot of fatty acids are found in avocado oil and most of it is mono saturated oleic acid. Oleic acid comes with several benefits, which includes reducing risks of cancer, preventing specific auto-immune diseases to flare up, speeding the regeneration of cells, healing of injuries, etc.
Further, oleic acid is majorly resistant to oxidation, hence; avocado oil if stored for a long time would not go bad. As it is stable, it would not lose any of its health benefits even if it is used for cooking at higher temperatures.

It is counted as one of the topmost sources of Vitamin E

Avocado is one of the five topmost foods that have highest content of Vitamin E. As it is commonly known, Vitamin E is known to improve the health of eyes and skin. Our bodies usually absorb the essential nutrients like Vitamin E more from the food we eat, hence adding avocado oil to the daily diet definitely helps.

It helps in improving digestion

If you experience heartburn quite frequently or feel tired most of the day, and even experience high amount of gas all the time, blame it all on digestion. If you are wondering what could be the cure for this, add avocado oil to your daily diet and see the difference. The presence of essential minerals, vitamins and fatty acids help in processing food far more efficiently. Yes, you may not be able to see the results in a day or two; however, you will gradually notice the difference as you begin to feel better and start to lose weight.

It is a natural detoxification booster

Avocado oil has rich content of chlorophyll, which again is a natural source of magnesium, the super-healthy mineral that makes Epsom salt so popular. It is also known for removing hard metals like lead and mercury from different body organs including, liver brain, kidneys, etc.
In order to include this natural detoxification booster in your daily diet, you can pair it with cilantro, spinach, or lettuce in salads or other foods.

It provides much needed nourishment for the skin

Avocado oil is loaded with essential minerals and vitamins that would not only provide the inner body with the necessary nourishment, but also to the external surface of the skin. The outermost layer of the skin, commonly known as the epidermis, quickly absorbs all the skin-feeding nutrients like potassium, Vitamin E, and lecithin and provides energy that helps in the growth of new skin cells as well as fortifying existing cells.

To sum up, there are many more benefits of avocado oil. It is highly recommended to include it in your diet to see the advantages becoming evident soon enough.