The Perfect Way to Slice and Peel an Avocado

Thinking of a healthy and tasty addition to your salad? Do not overthink yourself. A few slices of avocados will do the trick. All you need to do is cut them into neat thin slices and place them on top.
If all you know is to mash avocados for dips, you may think slicing them would be a daunting task. But, hey, you do not need to be a culinary expert to make smooth and even avocado slices. All you need is a sharp knife, a gentle hand and the secret avocado-slicing technique to get it done in no time.

When you follow the simple steps below, you will realize slicing avocados is a piece of cake. Here are ways on how to make smooth, evenly sliced avocado.

How to Slice an Avocado

What You Will Need:

  • Ripe avocados
  • Sharp knife
  • Cutting board

How to Slice Avocados in Half:

  1. Wash the avocados thoroughly before slicing.
  2. Place it lengthwise on a cutting board.
  3. Hold firmly with your hand then slice it in half lengthwise starting at the slimmer end.
  4. Slice gently around the seed.
  5. On one hand, hold the avocado and use your other hand to twist and separate the avocado into halves.
How to Remove the Seed of an Avocado
  1. Slip a spoon between the seed and fruit to remove the seed. Removing the seed with a spoon reduces the risk of cutting yourself than using a knife.
  2. Gently scoop the seed out with the spoon.
How to Peel an Avocado

Firstly, why should you peel the avocado instead of scooping it? Simply because the flesh just under the skin of the avocado contains most of the nutrients.
Avocado is rich in vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids, which is why it is called a “super fruit”. The highest concentration of carotenoids is found in the dark green part of the flesh near the skin. Did you know avocados contain 11 beneficial carotenoids, which fight certain kinds of cancer and heart disease, as well as lutein, which helps keep your eyes healthy even as you age?
If you peel your avocado, you are sure to get most of its nutrients. If you scoop the flesh out, you won’t get most of this nutrient-loaded part. It is as simple as that.
You can easily come up with your avocado-slicing technique. But, if you use the technique below, you are sure that nothing goes to waste, both the flesh and its nutrients.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Cut the avocado into half and remove the seed as instructed above
  2. Cut the separated halves into even slices
  3. Gently peel off the thick skin like peeling a banana
  4. If the dark green flesh goes with the skin, scrape off

Next time you’ll prepare a traditional guacamole or summery salad, try peeling your avocados and you’ll reap heaps of benefits.

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