Rising Avocado Prices. It Is Time to Grow Your Own Tree!

If you have tasted avocado toast at least ones in your life, then it is really tough to forget its syrupy taste. But the society of California might need to make a sacrifice. Why? The reason will definitely alert you about the truest recent condition of avocados and its production.
Since past three years, the interest in avocados has been tripled in the country and farmers are facing difficulties in keeping pace with the production of avocados. This fruit has occupied a huge demand and supermarket trolleys are seen flooded with it. However, rise in demand and shortage in supply is two major factors that have given a room for thinking.

Avocado prices are rising in many regions

Americans are in love with avocado. Los Angeles at rest eats the most avocados—nearly 300 million per year—however, other metropolises, such as Dallas, Houston, New York, and Phoenix are catching up. Also many others, counting Columbus, Raleigh, and Roanoke, can now consume avocados by the truckload.
In California, avocados have a huge market worth $435 million. The growth is such that the Hass avocados and its sale, which constitute above 95% of all avocados, sold in the US, climbed to a historic record of about 4.25 billion avocados in the last year. It is twice the amount sold in the year 2005 and four times the quantity sold in 2000. The demand has actually risen in the last fifteen years.
At this time, prices are inconsistent all over the shops, with a few expensive places charging twice the standard price. The average price shown by numerous surveys is about US$4.31 apiece. The benchmark at this instant, although, is approximately 30% higher than usual prices. During the closing months of 2015, the cost of each fruit was around US$0.73 to US$2.20.

Reasons for rising prices

The basis for these avocado frights comes down to the shortage of water supply. California’s recent drought is the most terrible one which it has faced after 1,200 years. It is now entering in the fourth year of a horrifying drought making a tremendously scorched landscape.
California cultivates around 95% of the country’s avocado crop. There are almost 5,000 avocado farmers based in California; with each farmer having an average grove area of about 10 acres. A single avocado tree yields up to 550 avocados per year.
Regardless of recent little rain, the dreadful drought has badly affected the avocado industry. To cultivate a single pound of avocados requires around 70 gallons supply of water.
Thus, the shortage of water has lessened the production and a huge gap between the supply and demand has called for a price hike.

It’s time to act

The avocado is fairly an exceptional fruit with lots of health benefits. Most of the other fruits primarily contain carbohydrates, whereas avocado is full of healthy fats. One avocado consists of 15 grams of healthy fats, 2 grams of protein and 160 calories. This fruit is free from the sodium or cholesterol or sodium. Therefore, it’s now time to grow your own tree of avocado and reap the benefits.