Shocking Facts About Avocados You Didn’t Know

Avocados have been a go-to fruit increasingly in the last decade. How much do you know about avocados? Take a look at some shocking facts about avocados that will make your jaw drop.

Avocados Are Actually a Fruit

Did you know that Avocados are actually a fruit and not a veggie? The large seed is categorized as a berry and develops from a plant’s flower. The plant being an Avocado tree, which makes it a fruit.

Prevents Gum Disease

There has been some scientific evidence that suggest since Avocados can block a protein which causes inflammation, that Avocado oil can prevent gum disease.

Ripen Faster

If you wanted your Avocados to ripen faster, you can stick them in a paper bag with ripe bananas. The ethylene gas that is emitted from the bananas will make them ripen faster.

Avoid Browning

Have you ever became frustrated at how quickly guacamole can brown in the refrigerator? Instead of covering it with plastic wrap, you can smooth out your dip and add either lime juice or water on the top. When ready to serve, simply just pour out the water or juice.

Highest Fat Plant

One of the last shocking facts about Avocados are that seventy-seven perfect of calories in an Avocado come from fat. This makes it the highest fat Avocado tree in the world.