This Avocado Hack Will Help Your Avocados Avoid Browning

Over the past year, TikTok has been a great source for learning new hacks in the kitchen. One of the most recent hacks was to put avocados in water to keep them fresh longer to avoid browning. Not all hacks are created equal as this one can make you seriously ill.

We all know the disappointment when putting our guacamole in the fridge, only to come back a couple hours later to find that it’s brown.

Want to know a safer avocado hack? One ingredient you can use to help your avocados to avoid browning is using olive oil. Olive oil is a healthy, natural ingredient that slows down oxidation. Brushing avocado oil over a green avocado can act as a protective sealant and keep it from browning. When using olive oil, you’ll have about 4 days from the moment you place it in the refrigerator.

Since all olive oil is made differently, it is recommended to use an oil that is lighter. This will help preserve the natural taste you intended for your recipe. We hope you get to enjoy that guacamole just a little longer!