Avocado Utensil: Avocado Pits, Eco-Friendly Plastic Alternative

We’ve talked about some of the incredible things you can make out of avocados: delicious food, of course, hand salves, foot scrubs, beer, and plastic straws, to name a few. Now we can add utensils to that list! One start-up company is using avocado pits to create compostable single-use utensils. How Is Biofase Turning Pits …

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Recycling Avocado Pits Into Nutritious Beverages

Avocado seed

Did you know that ⅓ of all food produced on this planet is wasted? Food waste is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Finding a solution to this problem is one of the number one resolutions to fighting the climate crisis. (source) Sheetal Bahirat, a food waste scientist fond of guacamole, wanted to address recycling avocado …

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How to Grow an Avocado Tree

After a long winter, the season of sunbathing, flowers blooming, and avocado seeds germinating is finally here. Avocados are summer fruits that are full of flavor and rich in beneficial nutrients. Now is the best time of the year to grow an avocado tree! There are several ways to grow an avocado tree out of a …

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