Recycling Avocado Pits Into Nutritious Beverages

Did you know that ⅓ of all food produced on this planet is wasted? Food waste is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Finding a solution to this problem is one of the number one resolutions to fighting the climate crisis. (source) Sheetal Bahirat, a food waste scientist fond of guacamole, wanted to address recycling avocado pits and peels.

What Do We Do With Avocado Seeds?

Bahirat started looking into local restaurants, to inquire about how they go about recycling their avocado pits and what they do with them. Avocado pits can’t be thrown into a commercial composter; unlike most other food waste, they’re too hard. Yet, avocado pits are incredibly nutritious, with up to half the antioxidants of the entire fruit. 

clear glass jar with liquid

How Do We Recycle Avocado Pits?

Bahirat teamed up with Zuri Masud, a culinary scientist. Their goal: to figure out how to extract the antioxidants from the avocado pits. It turns out, the best way to recycle the avocado pits and recover all those nutrients is to turn them into a drink. Bahirat and Masud Created Reveal, a drink line from Hidden Gems beverage company. They use recycling avocado pits to create a healthy, nutritious drink. Their brewed avocado seeds create a drink with three times as many antioxidants as green tea or kombucha. This sugar-free beverage only has 15 calories, so not only is it saving food waste from the garbage, it’s incredibly good for us too.


AvoSeedos Provide Another Use For Pits

You may not have the capability to turn avocado pits into delicious drinks, but you can recycle your own avocado pits. Using an AvoSeedo, you can germinate your avocado and grow your very own avocado tree!

With the help of the AvoSeedo, you can root your avocado pit. Then, you can plant your tree outside, or grow it in a pot!

In addition to recycling avocado pits, you can also turn other food scraps into growing plants.