5 Shocking Ways to Reuse Your Avocado Seed and Peel

Get ready to have your mind blown! Did you know, there are five ways to reuse your avocado seed and peel? As you continue reading below, we’ll discuss five ways to to reuse the seed and peel to this delicious, yet versatile fruit.

5 Ways to Reuse Your Avocado Seed and Peel

Grow a Plant

By using your avocado seed, you can grow an avocado plant. To grow your plant, you’ll need toothpicks, a glass of water, and a window with plenty of sun. To start, you’ll need to pierce the pit with your toothpick so you can hover it over your water glass with the bottom end submerged in water.

Next, you’ll sit the glass on a window sill that gets plenty of sun. Once your stem has grown 15 centimeters, cut it back, and allow it to regrow. Once the stem has reached 15 centimeters again, plant it in nutrient-rich soil.

Make Smoothies from the Pit

The pit of an avocado contains fatty acids, along with small amounts of protein, while some research has shown it contains antioxidants and can reduce blood pressure. You can make the most of these nutrients and put them into a smoothie.

To start, you’ll want to split the pit into two with a knife, then add it to the blender with the rest of your smoothie ingredients. Since avocado pits are bitter, you’ll want to pair it with other strong flavors. Coconuts smoothies and sweet mango’s are a great option.

Avocado Tea

If you’re not a fan of smoothies, you can use the pot of your avocado to make avocado tea. These pits can aid in digestion. To start, place the pit into a pan of water, then boil it for 5 minutes until it’s softened.

Chop the avocado pit finely, add it to your tea pot, and then leave it in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain it into tea cup and add honey.

Avocado Powder

To make avocado powder, you can dehydrate your avocado pits on a window sill with plenty of sun for a day or two. Once the avocado pit has dried, place it in a food processor, and then blend. You can use your avocado powder in smoothies or add it to bread recipes.

Put the Avocado Peel in a Bath

To make your skin luxurious and soft, you can add your avocado peels to a bath and rub over your skin to absorb the oils. Avocado oils have antioxidants, and vitamin C and E that help improve your skin’s moisture.