Are avocados good for my cat and dog?

Avocado is a nutritious fruit known for its richness in Potassium, fat (cholesterol free) and fiber. This article will answer the question whether avocados are good for consumption for dogs and cats. Let’s unmask the curtain and understand everything of fundamental interest concerning avocados and animal health.

Avocado, alternatively known as alligator pear is a dark green fruit with a leathery skin. They are mostly grown on the tropical and Mediterranean climates. A full grown tree can reach a height of 65ft and has a capability of producing over 500 fruits an year. That sounds great, but should your dog or cat salivate at any one of these fruits?

Avocados are feared to be harmful to cats and dogs. Well, that is undeniable to some but to the veterinary that is a non-worry issue. To start with, the avocado is known to have a substance known as persin which is feared to be toxic to animals, but not all animals. Persin is concentrated on the fruits’ leaves, seed, and its bark. Persin is harmful to goats, birds and horses. The Guatemalan variety is the most extreme with persin and it’s the most common one in most grocery stores. The cats and dogs don’t get affected by avocados since they belong to the canine family implying they are carnivorous. As a matter of fact the benefits that humans reap from the avocados are also the same benefits the cats and dogs benefit from feeding avocado. Benefit such as a healthy skin and shiny coat.


This article doesn’t tell you if you cat or dog swallows accidentally the avocado seed things will be well. If your dog or cat by any chance swallows the avocado seed then expect some reactions to your beloved pet. The seed may either obstruct the esophagus, stomach or gastrointestinal tract or all during the course of digestion. So it is prudent to be safe than sorry, get that seed inside the wastebin. After all logic applies, the seed isn’t useful to man either except for propagation purpose.

Last but not least, too much of avocados aren’t safe for some cats and dogs. Symptoms of mild stomach upset might develop if your cat or dog decides to have a banquet of avocados.

To keep you safe than worrying, limit the access of avocados to cat or dog, since you don’t know whether the pet will behave rational to the seed or it will assume it’s a chunk of meat ball. Exercise maximum caution when it comes to the birds and the horse. Avocados are harmful to the birds and the horses should avoid the scene of avocado leaves for the safety of their lives. The seeds are not edible in the first place as well they are toxic.

Interesting Fact

California, a state with abundance of avocados is reported to have around 7000 farmers who grow avocado. The fruit from this tree is an attraction to the dogs in these orchards. Surprisingly enough there is no single report of a dog or a cat that has died from taking an avocado.