Can You Eat Unlimited Avocados?

You may have heard that adding avocados to your meals are a good idea. But, can you eat unlimited avocados? Would adding avocados to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner be overkill?

According to scientists, there’s really no way to tell as no two people are the same. Obviously its great to add avocados to your meals because they have many benefits, but like anything, some people tend to go overboard. Avocados are all the rage and just keep becoming more and more popular.

When at the grocery store picking out your avocados, you’ll have to address what your goals are for things such as your weight, overall diet, and your gut health. This also involves looking at areas such as your body type, how active you are, and your family genes.

Avocados contain a lot of monosaturated fats, which satisfy your hunger quickly, so going completely overkill on avocados are rare. Avocados contain between twenty to twenty-five total grams of fat, fifteen of which are monosaturated fats. While avocados are high in calories, they arent the main focus poing that doctors worry about.

When eating avocados, don’t make them the only type of health fat in your meal. Often times people will eat so much avocado and forget about other health fats they can incorporate into their diet. If you’re getting all of your health fats from avocados, you’re missing out on healthy fats from olive oil and, nuts, and seeds.

Who Should Watch How Many Avocados They Eat?

If you’re the type of person who is watching their weight, it’s smart to eat a half or one avocado per day. Avocados also contain carbs, that may not be absorbed and digested very well. So, the bottom line? You can include avocados as a part of your daily diet, but should consult a doctor to see how many avocados are good for to ingest.