How to Start an Avocado Diet: Tips You Should Know

Did you know that half of an avocado has over 15 grams of fat? This might get you thinking to completely avoid the fruit altogether. However, avocados can aid in weight loss to help you feel more full if you have trouble with snacking.

About the Avocado Diet

Studies found that people who were on an avocado diet found it easier to manage their weight. These participants were given a half of an avocado with their meal, while other participants did not eat the avocado. Results showed that those who ate the avocado reported feeling more satisfied and has less desire of eating more.

How to Fit an Avocado into Your Diet

Before your diet, you should know that healthy weight loss includes eating from all of the food groups, just with fewer calories. To go on an avocado diet, you can add this fruit to the top of your salads or make an omelet with adding spinach. If you’re tempted to snack on something salty or sweet, snack on this fruit instead.

Avocados Won’t Make You Gain Weight

This green fruit can sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to weight loss. Scientists studies sixty-one overweight volunteers and put them on identical calorie diet.

One group substituted two hundred grams of avocado, with thirty grams of fat with things such as margarine or oil. At the end of the trial, both groups showed weight loss results, while the group that ate avocados lost just as much weight as the group that didn’t.

6 Additional Benefits to Getting on an Avocado Diet

  1. Gives you a healthy dose of fiber
  2. Boosts Your Magnesium Intake
  3. Rich in healthy fats
  4. Supports heart health
  5. Rich in postassium
  6. Considered a beauty food

Plan on starting your avocado diet today? Let us know your results!