How Long Do You Spend Looking at An Avocado Toast in Instagram?

Sooner or later, the social media platform, Instagram will be offering Usage Insights. This will show its users the amount of time spend looking at other people’s pictures like avocado toasts and posting their own photos.

Kevin Systrom, the CEO of the company confirmed the news through TechCrunch that the feature will be up soon after the discovery of the code using the Android App of Instagram.

Many sites work hard just to acquire the time and clicks of people. It is just interesting to know that this popular social media platform will soon come up with a great tool that may tell its users to stop and take a rest for a while because of too much phone usage.

Systrom said: ‘We are looking to have a tool that can be helpful for the community of IG users to learn how much time they spent browsing IG. It should be out intentionally and positively.”

“We just want the users to know the essence of time and how long they spent in IG. We believe that it is all companies responsibilities to be transparent about this information. We are looking forward to giving a solution to this and I am taking this as a serious responsibility.”

With this goal in mind, it appears that the parent company of Instagram is just staying true to its promise made back in January which is related to ensure that when clicking or browsing on the site is a beneficial use of time.

The audience of IG can be regarded as young when compared to Facebook. Hence, it may be good to see how it takes the lead. Let us just wait and see if other platforms like Snapchat will also be doing the same thing later on.