How Many Avocados Do You Need Per Week For Long Life?

The rule of thumb says that if you wish to live longer, you need to follow a healthy lifestyle like getting enough sleep, eat a balanced diet, and getting plenty of exercises. There is another key to live longer and that is to eat a super fruit: avocado. The question of many is how many avocados does a person need to achieve this?

As per NHS, a balanced diet meal is truly essential for a longer life. Aside from that, a routine exercise of at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week is also important.

For smokers, the best method to decrease early death risk is to give up this vice. It also added that a minor lifestyle modification will be worth it to increase the lifespan of a person.

Like what was mentioned earlier, adding avocados in your diet is likewise an advisable way for a longer life. The right amount of avocados to eat each week is about four according to what nutritionist stated.

According to a dietician, the superfood avocado can give our bodies with lots of nutrients. This can help reduce the cholesterol in the body.

Once the avocado is combined with healthy diet, it can result in a lower level of bad cholesterol while at the same time can improve the level of good cholesterol.

It was also claimed that with increased avocado in your diet, it can decrease the chances of prostate cancer in men.

Scientists have found that avocados have lutein which is also great for eye health and is also capable of reducing the growth of prostate cancer cells by 25%. In addition, the fruit can help with blood pressure regulation.