Ripe Avocados Hacks for Long Term Use

When you buy avocados and they are still hard, it is not yet ripe. However, the next thing you know if left somewhere, they are already overripe and can no longer be eaten. If you are practical enough to think of other ways to still consume it despite it being ripe, you can still enjoy its scrumptious taste and health benefits. Below, you will learn a simple hack on how you ripe avocados can be of great use maybe not for now but for your future needs.

An instagram post was posted by a concerned citizen about the simple hack she made with ripe avocados. This is a smart saving technique that only uses a silicone ice cube tray. What she did was to mash the fruit and spread it proportionally onto the ice cube tray. She let it freeze for quite some time and have it ready for the summer season as smoothies or soups.

This simple do it yourself hack is very easy to make but can be quite messy. If you squish it with bare hands, it can really be therapeutic because of the creamy texture. Making this at home can give you a two in one benefit. This can be a good way to relieve stress as if you squish it using your hands and even can be enjoyed with the kids. The other benefit is it maximizes the use of avocado for long-term and future use.