Avocado Side Dishes You Must Have For Thanksgiving

When you’re having Thanksgiving dinner, you’re most likely to see many of the traditional favorites, but you know how you can make your meal even better? To jazz up dinner, you can add some of these avocado side dishes that have this delicious fruit that you can purchase year-round. Avocados are highly nutritious, containing almost twenty vitamins and minerals, and make a great addition to any holiday meal.

You might find your new holiday favorite with some of these side dishes. One of the first side dishes you can try is an avocado side salad, as it’s one of the easiest ways to incorporate avocados into your meal while also getting creative to please your guests. An avocado side salad is tart in flavor with its mouth-watering sweet red apples and aligns perfectly with a fall theme. If you want to make it fancier, consider adding goat cheese to complete this festive side dishes to ensure it satisfies every craving.

If you’re new to the avocado scene and are unsure of how to choose a perfectly ripe avocado, there are videos you can search to help you with the selection process. To make it simple, conduct a simple touch test if you want an avocado that is ready today, so if you slightly yields to the pressure you make, then you’ll know the avocado is ready. Looking for another avocado side dish other than salads?

If you want to venture away from the traditional green bean casserole, you can choose a more interesting green, such as guacamole stuffed peppers. While these aren’t your typical Thanksgiving side dish, avocados are the perfect fruit to pair with a roasted turkey and mashed potatoes. You’ll only need to peel and deseed your poblano chiles and fill them with your selected guacamole recipe.

If you have guests who are a fan of avocado toast, try an avocado crostini at your Thanksgiving dinner this holiday season. This creamy side dish includes diced tomato, onions, and avocados. This is the perfect spread to add on sliced toasted bread.

Want to get fancy with the dessert portion of your dinner? Try a delicious avocado mouse that perfectly complements cranberry sauce and tastes delicious with your roasted turkey. To make, use a blend to puree cilantro and avocado and squeeze in some lime juice. Next, mix in your cream cheese and gelatin, followed by a couple tablespoons of water so you can set it in the refrigerator a day in advance.