Avocado Trees: The Secret to Producing an Abundance of Fruit

The Avocado tree is a favorite, year-round favorite. Even though it’s not associated with year-round growth, it has become a versatile favorite and is can also be grown in doors. With climate being optional, and it being easy to maintain, there are several secrets to producing an abundance of avocado fruits!

The Secrets to Getting an Abundance of Avocados

Below are four secrets to getting an abundance of fruit from an avocado tree.

1. Light

It’s essential for an avocado tree to get a good amount of sunlight. Locations that receive at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day are best for your avocado trees. If you’re keeping your avocado tree indoors, you should keep your tree by a window with plenty of sunlight. Windows that face south tend to get more sunlight and are more beneficial to seeing substantial growth.

It’s also essential that you keep your avocado trees away from other plants so you can give them plenty of room to grow. One of the best tips we can give is to rotate your tree every three weeks so your tree can receive the sunlight it needs in all areas.

2. Proper Water Schedule

In addition to sunlight, it’s essential to keep your avocado tree properly watered. To avoid over saturation of your tree, you should ensure that you’re allowing the soil to dry in between your watering days. Watering your avocado tree once a week is typically all it needs to see an abundance of growth. If you’re unsure how to efficiently water your avocado tree, you should check the surrounding soil about three inches down.

If you notice that the soil is dry, that means it’s time to water your avocado tree. Little known to some, avocado trees thrive with humidity and can still perform when misted. Misting your tree during the winter months when your heat is on will stop allow your avocado tree to grow at the same pace.

3. Nutrition

One of the best ways to keep your tree in healthy shape is to ensure it has great fertilizer. After you have passed the first full growing season, you should feed your tree with fertilizer four time a year, once during each season. You can space out applying fertilizer in the middle of the fall, winter, spring, and summer.

4. Temperature

If you live in an area where you experience colder temperatures, you should bring your avocado trees inside. Once you have your avocado trees in a safe environment,  avoid placing them directly under a vent. Dry heat from HVAC systems can damage your tree. For extra humidity, you can place your tree near a humidifier and mist them daily.

When the temperatures warm back up, you may place your tree back outside and allow them adjust to the heat. To gradually adjust them to the heat, place them outside for a few hours each day, until you have increased the number to permanently keep them outdoors. This gradual increase allows your avocado tree to make a smooth transition just in time for summer.

When growing avocado trees, all you need is a bit of patience. If you’re growing a smaller avocado tree, it could take a couple of seasons for you to see an abundance of fruit. Large trees, such as four to five feet, already bear plenty of fruit. Either way, avocados are worth the wait. With these four secrets, you’ll get to experience the taste of home-grown avocados for your entire household to enjoy!