Life Hack: How to Preserve Your Avocados

Have you been looking for an easy way to preserve your avocados? It’s actually quite easier than it sounds and you’ll never waste an avocado again. Join us as you discover this amazing life hack.

How to Know If Your Avocado is Ripe

The first step to preserve your avocado is being able to tell when your fruit is ripe. Here are the steps you’ll want to take.

  • Look at your stem – If your stem is still intact, you’ll want to go ahead and pull it off. If it’s light green, you’re good to go. If it’s too dark, it’s not ripe yet.
  •  Too heavy for the size – Avocados that are too light for their size and too old for purchasing.

How to Store Your Avocados

If you want to preserve your avocados, one way is to keep them on your counter. Avocados are best when stored on the counter, especially when you need them ripe.

If you want to speed up the ripen process, you can also store them in a paper bag. Once your avocados have ripened, you can go ahead and store them in the fridge. 

How to Preserve Your Avocados – The Life Hack

In order to preserve your avocados, you’ll want to stop the oxygenation of the first layer. To do this acid is needed, either lemon or lime will do, or even white vinegar. 

The best hack to preserve your fruit is to freeze your avocados. You can do this by mashing up your avocados and storing them in freezer bags. Vacuum sealed bags tend to work best if you want to store your avocados longer.

If you didn’t think you could freeze avocados, I’d go ahead and try it out to see what you think.