Can Foods Like Avocados Boost Your Libido?

Are you looking forward to a romantic evening and trying to set the tone for the night? Some studies indicate that certain foods can make a romantic evening the perfect night for two. Some foods have reputations as aphrodisiacs, meaning foods that can put you and a significant other “in the mood.” Is there any merit to these claims? Can foods like avocado boost your libido?

What Is An Aphrodisiac? 

 Scientifically speaking, an aphrodisiac is any substance that increases feelings of sexual desire, behavior, pleasure, or attraction. These substances can be plants, spices, chemicals, or foods. It is possible that certain foods can boost your libido, so which foods should you incorporate into date night?

Foods To Boost Your Libido

Eating any of these foods on a romantic evening can improve your night.


The word “avocado” is derived from the Aztec word for testicles. Aztecs believed avocados could boost virility and fertility. Whether these claims have any scientific merit or not, these superfruits are proven to regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels which can improve your physical endurance and performance.

Cooking, Shellfish, Oyster, Oyster, boost your libido


Oysters are well-known aphrodisiacs, but do you know why? They are rich in zinc, which helps regulate testosterone levels. Testosterone is closely linked to libido in both men and women. You can also find zinc in pumpkin seeds and whole-grain cereals.

Chocolate, Dark, Coffee, Confiserie, boost your libido

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is another food heavily associated with romance. Dark chocolate especially has antioxidants that improve blood flow. Chocolate also triggers chemical reactions in the brain that mirror feelings of love. 

Mushroom, Curry, Meal, Dish, Plate, Food


Mushrooms are a great source of selenium. Some reports indicate selenium improves fertility in men.

Beetroot, Turnip, Vegetables, Fresh

Watermelon and Beets

While you might not usually see watermelon or beets on lists of well-known aphrodisiacs, these foods contain a compound called citrulline. Citrulline increases your nitric acid levels which dilates your blood vessels. Improved blood flow is essential to improving sex drive.


Are you surprised to see whole grains on this list? Carbohydrates increase our serotonin levels. Serotonin is the “feel-good” chemical, which is why we all love bread so much! Whole-grain carbs are healthier than refined carbs, so keep them coming when you’re on date night.

Indian Food, Mustard, Tamarind, Chutney, boost your libido

Chili Peppers

Hot peppers and other spicy foods also boost circulation, which as we have said, is essential to sexual performance, sensitivity, performance, and overall enjoyment.

Boost Your Libido With Avocado and Other Foods

Now that you’ve got the list of foods that boost your libido, which ones will you be enjoying on your next romantic evening? Let us know!