When is avocado in season: A Guide to Follow

Even though avocados are in high demand, especially throughout the United States, they’re still only produced in a few states. In Florida, you’ll find an avocado in season from June to January. California is the only state where you’ll find an avocado in season year round.

Below, you’ll find avocados in season during these months.

  • California – January til December
  • Florida – June til January 
  • Hawaii – November til February

When you’re grocery shopping, you’ll find that avocados are present in almost every grocery store. Knowing when avocados are in season can be challenging, especially depending on certain areas. Avocados grow and bear their fruit in warmer climates.

Warm temperatures play a huge role in avocado peak season. Since California has warmer temperatures throughout the entire year, avocados are season all year long. In California, an avocado tree only blooms once, but it produces fruit twice a year.

In other states, you’ll find an avocado in season from July to March, with its peak months still remaining in January, February, and March.

With avocados being such a versatile fruit, it can be used in many recipes such as salads, dips, juices, pies, and more! With being a fruit that is often confused for being a vegetable, you’ll want to eat your avocado when it’s nice and ripe. When you eat an avocado that is in season, you’ll receive nothing but the best quality.

What Time of Year are Avocados Bad?

Actually, there is no time of year when avocados are bad. This delicious fruit is always in season, even during the winter. Filled with antioxidants, this tropical fruit helps protect proteins and lipids, which help keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

So if you’re worried about winter, don’t be. You don’t have to cut back on avocados during the cold winter months. So whether you’re making guacomole or adding avocado to your winter dish like chili, avocados will be available all winter long!