Graft Avocado Trees: How To Grow Avocados Faster

We love growing our own avocado trees. We can have avocados any time we want, and with the help of the Avoseedo, rooting a tree from an avocado pit is as easy as it gets. However, the one downside to growing an avocado tree from a pit is that avocado trees take years to mature. If …

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Avocado Plant Problems: Troubleshooting and Resolving Common Issues

We use our AvoSeedo to root our very own avocado sapling. Once we transfer that avocado plant into a pot to grow or into our garden, we need to keep it healthy. It can take years for an avocado tree to produce fruit, so keeping it in optimum health is necessary to see the fruits …

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4 DIY Nail and Hand Mask Recipes You Can Make At Home

Winter is a season of low temperatures and low humidity, and it can wreak havoc on our skin. This fact is especially true for our hands and nails. We put our hands through a lot, and winter is an especially stressful time for us. Many experience dry skin on their hands and around their nails …

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Recycling Avocado Pits Into Nutritious Beverages

Avocado seed

Did you know that ⅓ of all food produced on this planet is wasted? Food waste is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. Finding a solution to this problem is one of the number one resolutions to fighting the climate crisis. (source) Sheetal Bahirat, a food waste scientist fond of guacamole, wanted to address recycling avocado …

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3 Avocado Side Dishes For Thanksgiving

As we say goodbye to Halloween, it’s time to start thinking about our next holiday: Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an American holiday based on family-favorite dishes. Many families have their own traditions and feast items that adorn their tables every year, but if you’re looking for new recipes to spice things up, here are a few …

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Upside-Down Avocado and Banana Cake

When baking, avocados add a creaminess to a recipe that makes cakes softer and moister. They’re a healthy ingredient that serves as an alternative to things like butter or cream. An upside-down banana cake can run the risk of becoming too dry, but with the addition of an avocado, you can make sure your upside-down …

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Scrap Gardening: Turning Food Scraps Into New Plants

Turning Food Scraps Into New Plants

Taylor A Ritz Many gardeners have windowsills full of experiments. You might have a cutting to propagate a favorite plant or a piece of fruit or vegetable you hope will take root. In this article, we will discuss the various food scraps you can use to grow new plants.  Avocado We’ve spoken in other articles …

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Making Your Own Avocado Hand Salve

Make your own avocado hand lotion

Taylor A Ritz Life can be rough on your hands, especially in winter. During colder seasons we are prone to experiencing higher levels of dry skin. Our hands and feet can feel devoid of moisture or even develop painful cracks. If you want an organic, natural alternative to soften up and moisturize your hands and …

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How To Make An Avocado Foot Scrub

Avocado Foot Scrub

Taylor A Ritz As the winter solstice passes, it’s time to turn our eyes towards longer days and sunshine. With the New Year looming and spring on the distant horizon, we can begin to consider prepping our feet for their reemergence into the light… or into our flip flops. One thing no one wants when …

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How Avocado Oil Can Help Your Skin

Avocado Oil

Taylor A Ritz While many of us are familiar with using avocados to enhance the flavor of a salad or to take a healthy meal to the next level, avocado oil has many health benefits as well. From healing chapped skin or soothing an itch, avocado oil can do it all. Let’s discuss how avocado …

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